Town Parks

Map of Vinalhaven Island


Armbrust Hill Town Park

Armbrust Hill Town Park is behind the Medical Center, accessed from Atlantic Avenue. In addition to several short trails, the park also houses the Owen Webster Memorial Playground which has swings, a slide and Jungle Gym. The late Betty Roberts did most of the landscaping of the park and donated it to the Town. Trails lead you through a natural amphitheater, or up to Trolley Cliff for a magnificent view of the harbor.

Directions: From the ferry terminal, take a right, follow through town, take a right onto Atlantic Ave, walk up Medical Center Loop.

State Beach and Isle au Haut Mountain Park

State Beach: A beach Island which becomes a Peninsula at low tide. 

Directions: At the ferry, go right, drive through town, road becomes Pequot Road veer right at the  remains of the Coke bottle statue. Turn right on State Beach Road and go until you reach the beach.

Isle au Haut Mountain Town Park: On the left, just before Lawson's Quarry, the Isle au Haut Mt. Road leads to 17 acres of granite outcrop and scrub Pine and views of the southern bay.

Middle Mountain Town Park

  •  Middle Mountain Trail:  The trail runs about 1/2 mile from the parking lot to the summit of Middle Mountain, with easy grades and excellent cover for songbirds. Expect to hear hermit thrushes, white-throated sparrows, and warblers such as yellow-throats, black-throated greens, ovenbirds, and others as you walk.

  •  Long Cove Loop Trail: This 3/4 mile trail begins with a left turn at the top of the first hill. After threading across some open ledges with vistas to the south and the east, the trail descends steeply to the head of Long Cove, where a short spur allows a view from a tidal ledge. It then climbs gradually, bringing hikers within sight of the summit of Middle Mountain, and continues on to end near the vista of the Camden Hills.

  •  Be Aware: The southeastern leg of the Long Cove Loop Trails is on private property, which the owners are graciously allowing the public to use. Please be especially courteous here, and leave no trash that might jeapardize this privilege. Thanks!


From the ferry, go left on Sands Rd for 0.4 miles, then right on Old Harbor Rd for 0.3 miles, then bear slightly left on North haven Rd for about 5 miles. Look for a gravel parking lot on the left at the crest of a hill.