Vinalhaven Birds

Guided Bird Walks

In the summer, go on one of our weekly bird walks! In partnership with Maine Coast Heritage Trust (MCHT) and led by MCHT steward Kirk Gentalen, he will take you to the best places for bird watching on Vinalhaven. See the calendar for more details.

Photos and Info

A photographic guide with a short description of the birds, sometimes where to find them, and other useful information. Under each bird is the Latin name and the relative size, year-round and nesting status. All of the birds on this page have been seen in and the surrounding waters around Vinalhaven (including Seal Island and Matinicus Rock.) There is a link to a complete list of all birds seen in the last 30 years on Vinalhaven, at the bottom of this page.  

Bird Links

There are many websites with more in depth information:

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Audubon: Guide to  North American Birds

Near Shore/Tidal Flats


Birds such as sandpipers, snipes, plovers, and wading birds. Find these birds at State Beach, The Basin, Polly Cove

Perching Near Water



Water Birds


Birds such as gulls, terns, ducks, grebes, shearwaters, petrels, auks, murres, and puffins. 

Woodland Edges








Raptors include, falcons, hawks, osprey, vultures, eagles, eagles and owls. 

Complete Bird List

Bird List_John Drury (pdf)


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