Size: 18 acres

Trails: One trail; distance from parking lot to summit is 0.75 mile, with a short steep section over rocks and moss, leading to the summit. 

Features: Spectacular water and island views to the east and south from a bold cliff top; dramatic outcrops of granite; mature spruce/fir canopy with moss-covered understory. 

Be Aware: 

  • Foot traffic only
  • Small groups only
  • No pets allowed
  • Fragile plant communities at summit
  • Stay on marked trails


From the ferry terminal, go left on Sands Road for 0.4 miles, then right on Old Harbor Road for 0.3 miles, then bearing slightly left onto North Haven Rd for 1.8 miles, at the fork, bear right onto Calderwood Neck Road for 3.7 miles (road turns to dirt, and its name becomes Young Rd.) Watch for VLT parking lot on the right; if the lot is full, please come back another day. The trail is several hundred yards from the parking lot, then makes a right into the woods, left onto a driveway, right onto dirt road, right onto another driveway, then finally right into the woods for the duration. Follow the red paint markings on telephone poles and trees. No dogs please.