As a gift-supported organization, Vinalhaven Land Trust relies on the generosity of its members and friends to support not only its annual operations, but also its long-term strength and sustainability. VLT has been the fortunate recipient of special gifts from donors to accomplish such projects as establishing new preserves, expanding VLT's environmental education program, creating an endowment to support land stewardship, and enhancing staff benefits. The cumulative effect of these wonderful contributions has been immeasurable

“Planned Gifts” refer to a variety of gift techniques that you can employ to contribute to VLT's future strength and wellbeing.  

You can make a gift that best suits your personal/family circumstances, taking into account choice of gift assets, timing, possible benefits to family members (such as life income), and tax considerations. A number of options allow you to make a commitment now but defer the transfer of the funds at a future date. Typical gift assets include cash, appreciated securities, retirement plans, real estate, tangible personal property, or other special holdings. We encourage you to consult with your legal and financial advisors to discuss your options and especially, tax matters.

For your consideration, the information below summarizes four popular planned gift methods. We welcome your inquiry to explore options, answer your questions, and discuss the application of your gift at VLT.


 You can make a provision now in your estate plan (in your will or trust) that will benefit VLT in the future. You can designate a specific amount, a percentage of your assets, or a contingent or remainder arrangement that will take effect only after other obligations are satisfied. 

Making Your Gift

Unrestricted bequests provide VLT with the greatest flexibility and are strongly encouraged. Following is some sample language to that end:

“I give and bequeath to Vinalhaven Land Trust, a charitable non-profit organization located in Vinalhaven, Maine, or its successor organization, the sum of _________ dollars, [or _________ percent, or all of rest, residue, and remainder of my estate] to be applied for the general uses and purposes of the organization as its governing board shall deem necessary and advisable.” 

Please contact VLT to alert us to your interest/intentions in making a bequest. We would like to answer your questions and discuss the application/use of your gift. Your communication will be kept in strict confidence. 

Gifts From Retirement Assets

You can name VLT as a beneficiary of your IRA, 401 (k), or other qualified retirement plan. You can continue to take regular withdrawals during your lifetime, with a transfer of the balance or a portion thereof to VLT upon your death. In the case of an IRA, if you are 70½, you (and your spouse or partner) can make outright gifts to VLT up to $100,000 per annum to support operations, ongoing stewardship or our protected properties, or one of our capital fund-raising priorities.

Making your Gift - Please contact VLT to alert us of your interest/intentions in making a gift from your retirement funds. VLT will be glad to answer any questions and discuss the application/use of your gift

Gifts of Life Insurance

You may own a life insurance policy that you no longer need to protect your family's wellbeing. If so, this may be an ideal asset for you to contribute.


Making Your Gift - Please contact VLT if you are interested in making a life insurance gift. While paid-up policies are preferred, VLT may accept policies with ongoing premium obligations. VLT will require you to name VLT as an irrevocable beneficiary and owner of the policy.

Life Income Gifts

Via a charitable remainder trust, you can make a gift of assets to VLT and receive annual income from that gift for a term of years or for your and/or your spouse’s or partner’s lifetime. Upon the end of the gift term or the death of the last beneficiary, VLT receives the trust assets. You can name VLT as the sole beneficiary of your trust or add VLT to become a co-beneficiary of an existing trust. 

At the current time, VLT does not offer a charitable gift annuity (CGA) program. 

Making Your Gift - Please contact VLT if you are interested in making a life income gift.

About VLT's Endowment

Thanks to the generosity of many donors since Vinalhaven Land Trust’s founding in 1986, VLT benefits from permanent and quasi-endowment (monies functioning as endowment) funds with a current value of approximately $2 million.  These assets are managed and invested by Camden National Wealth Management and Maine Community Foundation, with oversight provided by the Investment Subcommittee of the Board of Directors. 

As VLT’s programming and responsibilities have expanded, this “working capital” has become a vital revenue source for annual operations.  Each year, a prudent draw based on the endowment’s total return is transferred to VLT’s operating account, thus augmenting earned income (program fees) and current-use gifts (Membership fees and annual support funds). 

The Board of Directors is committed to building VLT’s endowment for the long term.  Planned gifts are a wonderful way for you to join in this effort. 



We welcome your inquiry as you consider your philanthropic support of VLT. All inquiries will be treated in strict confidence. Please contact VLT's Executive Director, Linnell Mather, as follows:


Phone:   207.863.2543

Mail:       Vinalhaven Land Trust

               P.O. Box 268

               Vinalhaven, ME 04863