Size:     About 600 acres.

Trails:   11 trails totaling 6 miles.

Features: Diverse landforms and habitats surrounding a mile-long tidal creek; elevated panoramic views; largest block of protected land on Vinalhaven; excellent opportunities to watch birds and other wildlife.

History:   In the 1980’s, some visionary families could see that this pristine spot, visited and enjoyed since the time of the Red Paint people, was likely to be cut in smaller pieces and sold, with huge homes and no trespassing signs to follow. Their work eventually resulted in this preserve, and the formation of the Vinalhaven Land Trust.

Be Aware: Foot traffic only. Stay on marked trails to minimize potential tick contact. Dogs are allowed, but please keep them leashed.


21A. Andrew W Smith

These trails (2.75 miles total) exist through the generosity of the landowner upon whose land it has been cleared. Please keep to the trails; the public’s privilege to use them will exist only so long as it is not abused.

  • Fox Rocks Trail
  • Indian Ladder Trail
  • South Shore Trail
  • Moorings Trail

Directions: From the ferry terminal, go left on Sands Road for 0.4 miles, then right on Old Harbor Road for 0.3 miles, then bearing slightly left onto North Haven Road for 5 miles (bearing left at the fork with Calderwood Neck Road).  The parking area for Middle Mountain Town Park is on the left. The Indian Ladder and Fox Rocks trails start across the street. 

21B.  North Perry Creek:

These 150 acres of woods and wetland were the catalyst for founding Vinalhaven Land Trust. Once partly burned over, the land now supports a variety of flora and the wildlife dependent upon it. The Roy Dyer Trail makes a loop from North Haven Road to Perry Creek. It can also be followed around the head of the creek to Indian Ladder Falls. The Falls path, in turn, can be taken out to the road at Middle Mountain Park.

  • Roy Dyer Trail
  • Round the Rocks Trail
  • Scenic Loop
  • Ridge Trail Loop
  • Ridge Trail Loop
  • Midcreek Trail
  • North Shore Trail
  • Orchard Cove Loop

Directions: From the Middle Mountain parking area, drive another 2 miles; the North Perry Creek parking area is on your right.