VLT's Newest Trail!

Size: 45 acres, approximately 15 acres of which is wetland.

Trails: 0.6 mile Loop Trail, with 0.2 mile Spur across wetland.


Forested trails with benches at scenic overlooks of wetlands, timber bridging providing access to center of wetland, remnants of a very early homestead.

Be Aware: 

  • Foot traffic only
  • Poison ivy in Preserve, but none near trails
  • Hunters may be present during hunting season


From the ferry terminal, go left on Sands Road for 0.4 miles, then right on Old Harbor Road for 0.3 miles, then bearing slightly left onto North Haven Road for 2.5 miles. Bear left at the intersection with Calderwood Neck Road, staying on North Haven Road for another 1.8 miles. Parking for the Marcuse Wetland Preserve is on the left, at the foot of a steep hill just beyond the windmills.