Welcome to Vinalhaven Hiking Preserves

Guidelines to Preserve Use

Visitors to our preserves are invited to enjoy some of the traditional activities of Vinalhaven life, which include walking, snowshoeing, hunting (in season), wildlife observation, and plant study. Dogs under control and on the trail are welcome in most preserves. The preserves are open dawn to dusk; no fires, please.

Vinalhaven soils are thin and fragile and are easily disturbed. Vehicles, motorized or non-motorized, including bicycles and horses, are not allowed on any preserve. And should a trail or preserve have some degradation because of use or seasonal changes (think mud or runoff), we may temporarily re-route or close it to allow it to recover.

That said, our 17 1/2 miles of trails are in great shape, and we hope you take advantage of them! Trail guides and instructions on how to reach the trailheads are also available in our kiosk, just off the Sands Road, at 12 Skoog Park Road.



Hiking Preserves

Thanks to three decades of generosity, we now have many preserves for the public to enjoy.  We manage and monitor them carefully to protect habitat and water resources. 

You will find links to our trail maps below, with information on each preserve. If you find anything amiss on one of our trails, please let us know. Enjoy the trails!

The Town of Vinalhaven, Maine Coast Heritage Trust, The Nature Conservancy, and the American Legion also have some wonderful parks and preserves, we show them here on our map, with links to as much info as available.

Preserve Links

1. Skoog Park and VLT Office


Skoog Park

2. Grimes Park


Grimes Park (AL)

3. Armbrust Hill Town Park


Armbrust Hill

4. Boy Scout Point Town Park


Boy Scout point

5. Lane's Island Preserve


lane's island (tnc)

6. Booth's Quarry Town Park


booth's quarry

7. Narrow's Town Park


narrow's town park

8. Geary's BeachTown Park


geary's town park

9. Huber Preserve


huber preserve (MCHT)

10. Sunset Rock Town Park


sunset rock

11. The Basin Preserve


12. Isle Au Haut Town Park


isle au haut

13. Lawson's Quarry Town Park


lawson's quarry

14. Round Pond Trail


round pond trail (vlt)

15. Fish Hook Preserve


fish hook preserve (vlt)

16. Carrying Place Bridge


carrying place bridge (mcht)

17. Eleanor Campbell Preserve


eleanor campbell (vlt)

18. Starboard Rock Sanctuary


starboard rock (vlt)

19. Marcuse Wetland Preserve



marcuse wetland

20. Middle Mountain Town Park



middle mountain

21. Perry Creek Preserve



perry creek

22. Whitmore Pond Sanctuary



whitmore pond (vlt)

23a. Tip Toe Mtn Town Park



tip toe town park

23b. Tip Toe Mountain Preserve



tip toe mountain

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