Suggested Reading

Tides: Science and Spirit of the Ocean

You might remember the talk Dr. Heather Deese of the Island Institute gave in 2015 that explored the causes and consequences of tides. She recently recommended a brand new book by Jonathon White to all VLT members and island residents. The book, titled "Tides: Science and Spirit of the Ocean," chronicles White's voyages across the world—from the Arctic Circle to the Qiantang River in China—and comments on the implications of tides on cultures and societies around the globe. Learn more about this relevant read at the author's website:


The Naturalist's Notebook

Author Nathaniel Wheelwright came to Vinalhaven in the summer of 2018 for a talk about his book and ideas on nature journaling. He also led a walk on the Marcuse Preserve. His book is illustrated by Bernd Heinrich who was in Vinalhaven for a talk in 2015. 

This book teaches the reader to be more attentive and observe the natural world. The unique five-year calendar format of The Naturalist’s Notebook helps you create a long-term record and point of comparison for memorable events, such as the first songbird you hear in spring, your first monarch butterfly sighting of summer, or the appearance of the northern lights. Biologist Nathaniel T. Wheelwright and best-selling author Bernd Heinrich teach nature lovers of all ages what to look for outdoors no matter where you live, using Heinrich’s classic illustrations as inspiration. As you jot down one observation a day, year after year, your collected field notes will serve as a valuable record of your piece of the planet.