Become a Volunteer

Trail Maintenance


In the summer, our steward Kerry Hardy has monthly outings for trail maintenance. If you want to help another time, contact our steward directly at VLT.

Office Help


We are always looking for help with mailings, and other paperwork. If you have a few hours to spare, we can add you to our call list when we are in need.

Annual Meeting


Every year in July we have a meeting which is open to everyone. There are lots of details to sort out, volunteers are key to making this happen. 

Coastal Clean-ups


There are two clean-ups a year, a coastal clean-up in the fall; and the Basin in the spring. Groups gather at Skoog Park, and break up into work parties to collect trash from our beautiful coastline. The fall clean-up ends with a BBQ at Skoog Park for all volunteers that day.

Editing and Proof-reading


We could use more skilled eyes to catch grammatical errors, spelling, and overall content on our two newsletters we publish each year. 

Monitoring Conservation Easement Properties


Do you enjoy walking boundaries, using a compass to follow deeds and maps, and better understanding the conservation values of certain properties? Contact our office and speak with our monitoring staff.