Summer 2018

This young girl found a crab while exploring the tide pools. What might you discover?

2018 Session Dates:
  • July 17-19, Island Ecosystems, ages 5-7
  • July 24-26, Farms and Gardens, ages 5-7
  • July 31-Aug 2, Island Ecosystems, ages 8-10

For more information or to register for Island Explorers, contact Sarah at

Island Explorers

Island Explorers had a wonderful time last summer exploring outdoors and catching salamanders, frogs, hermit crabs, and more! We also had fun visiting two different island farms. We would like to thank Erin at Creelman Farm Creamery for teaching us about goats and how to herd them. Another thank you goes out to Wanatha and Hilary for giving us a tour of Long Cove Farm, where we met a day-old lamb and got to hold baby chicks!


We can't wait to see what surprises this summer will have in store for us! For more information or to register, contact Sarah at Session dates are listed in the sidebar at left.