Winter Chanterelle

Preserve Links

  1. Perry Creek Preserve (VLT)
    1. Andrew W Smith at Fox Rocks
    2. North Perry Creek/Roy Dyer Trail
  2. The Basin Preserve (Managed jointly by MCHT and VLT )
    1. Ralph and Peggy Williams Preserve (MCHT)
    2. Basin Platform Trail (MCHT)
    3. Granite Island Preserve (VLT)
  3. Watershed Preserve (VLT)
  4. Isle au Haut Mountain Park (Town)
  5. Whitmore Pond Sanctuary (VLT) - No Dogs
  6. Tip Toe Mountain
    1. Park (Town)
    2. Preserve (VLT)
  7. Middle Mountain (Town)
  8. Fish Hook Preserve (VLT)
  9. Carrying Place Bridge (MCHT)
  10. Eleanor L Campbell (VLT)
  11. Lane's Island (TNC)
  12. Ambrust Hill (Town)
  13. State Beach (Town)
  14. Huber Preserve (MCHT)
  15. Starboard Rock Sanctuary (VLT) - No Dogs
  16. Round Pond Trail (VLT)
  17. Skoog Park (VLT)

The Town of Vinalhaven, Maine Coast Heritage Trust, and The Nature Conservancy also have some wonderful parks and preserves, and we show them here on our map, with links to as much information as we have available.

Welcome to Vinalhaven Hiking Preserves

Thanks to three decades of generosity, we now have many preserves for the public to enjoy.  We manage and monitor them carefully to protect habitat and water resources. 

Guidelines to Preserve Use

Visitors to our preserves are invited to enjoy some of the traditional activities of Vinalhaven life, which include walking, snowshoeing, hunting (in season), wildlife observation, and plant study. Dogs under control and on the trail are welcome in most preserves. The preserves are open dawn to dusk; no fires, please.

Vinalhaven soils are thin and fragile and are easily disturbed. Vehicles, motorized or non-motorized, including bicycles and horses, are not allowed on any preserve. And should a trail or preserve have some degradation because of use or seasonal changes (think mud or runoff), we may temporarily re-route or close it to allow it to recover.

That said, our trails are in great shape, and we hope you take advantage of them!

Besides what is offered here, trail guides and instructions on how to reach the trailheads are in our kiosk, just off the Sands Road, at 12 Skoog Park Road.