Roughly 600 acres


11 trails totaling 6 miles


Diverse landforms and habitats surrounding a mile-long tidal creek; elevated panoramic views; largest block of protected land on Vinalhaven; excellent opportunities to watch birds and other wildlife

Be Aware:

Stay on marked trails to minimize potential tick contact.


The preserve is open for non-motorized passive recreation during daylight hours. Dogs are allowed, but please keep them leashed.

Trail maps are located in the kiosk at VLT, or you may download a map and directions here.

North Perry Creek Preserve

Forming an arc across the western shoulder of Vinalhaven, the North Perry Creek Preserve offers its visitors a pristine snapshot of the region’s entire ecosystem.  The shoreline, along a mile and a half of startling blue water, begins as the fresh waters of Perry Creek drain through wet ground at the head of the inlet.  It flows east to the deep waters of Seal Cove, providing the visitor with the ability to travel from wetland to anchorage.   A winter visit to the head of the inlet rewards even the minimally observant person with the knowledge that many creatures call this place home, as large and small footprints are so interconnected that it is impossible to distinguish the individual prints. 

Hikers can follow the shoreline trail as it dips toward and away from the water.  Birdlife abounds. With ospreys nesting along its shores, and frequented by kingfishers, heron, gulls, owls, and eagles, there is no season when it is quiet on the water. 

As a preserve with many circuitous trail options, Perry Creek walkers can also explore the higher ridges away from the shore that offer views north, west, and south while traveling through a variety of terrain. The vegetative cover represents all of the larger island’s features:  tidal flats, rocky intertidal zones, freshwater streams, tidal and freshwater marshes, vernal pools, and high, dry upland. 

The North Perry Creek Preserve might well be called the "cradle of VLT", because the work of a few visionaries to conserve the wild lands surrounding this tidal creek thirty years ago is what ultimately led to the formation of Vinalhaven Land Trust. The whole story is here.