Roughly 89 acres


One trail with a loop section totaling 1.0 miles


Forested wetlands, pitch pine forest.

Be Aware:

Some of the healthiest insect populations on the island are found here; many hikers will want to use repellants from mid-May through early July.


The preserve is open for non-motorized passive recreation during daylight hours. Dogs are allowed, but please keep them leashed.

Trail maps are located in the kiosk at VLT, or you may download a map and directions here.

Watershed Preserve

Virtually all of the original parcel in this preserve lies within the watershed that supplies Vinalhaven's drinking water. It abuts other large blocks of conservation land owned by the Vinalhaven Water District and Maine Coast Heritage Trust. Collectively, the three oranizations now protect several hundred contiguous acres around Folly and Round Ponds, helping ensure the quality of the town's water supply for generations to come.

Visitors to this preserve will see four different forest types. Most of the area is low lying terrain, which favors communities like Red Maple Alluvial Swamp and Spruce-Fir Cinnamon Fern Forest. Assorted species of mosses form an important component of these forests and serve double duty: they retain moisture in the forest floor, and they also filter impurities from surface water as it runs into Folly Pond

As the ground rises slightly higher, the cover shifts to the Maritime Spruce-Fir Forest, the plant community most commonly seen on Vinalhaven. Lastly, on the granite ledges of the preserve's highest land you will pass through an exemplary Pitch Pine Woodland, with fantastically shaped gnarled pines emerging from seams in the granite ledges. Under the pines, low woody shrubs like huckleberry, juniper, sheep laurel, and crowberry share the scanty available topsoil and sprawl out over the bare ledges.