Roughly 32 acres


One trail totaling 0.5 miles


Short and easy walk to a seaside beach, a scenic overlook, and high biodiversity in a small area. You never know what you'll see for wildlife. Ospreys, eagles, kingfishers, sea birds, red squirrels, deer, mink, raccoons, and lots of migratory birds in spring and fall are just some of the usual sightings.

Be Aware:

Watch for poison ivy! Stay on trails!

Owing to the unsafe condition of the dam on the west side, hiking on the Bathing Pool parcel is not permitted. Please enjoy the bathing pool from the roadside only.


The preserve is open for non-motorized passive recreation during daylight hours. Dogs are allowed, but please keep them leashed.

Trail maps are located in the kiosk at VLT, or you may download a map and directions here.

Eleanor L. Campbell Preserve

Located on either side of the Zeke's Point Road at the northern end of Vinalhaven, this 32-acre preserve comprises two distinctly different waterfront properties. On the east, hikers can walk or wade on Polly Cove's gravel beach, and enjoy vistas towards Isle au Haut and Mt. Desert from the half mile long trail that rises to a scenic overlook. On the west, you can see a bit of Vinalhaven history at the Bathing Pool, a former place of resort for picnickers and rusticators. 

The forested trail at Polly Cove may be short, but it offers surprising diversity compared to most of the island, thanks to its distinctive Hardwood Seepage Forest Natural Community (listed as rare in Maine). Hardwoods, like sugar, red, striped, and mountain maple, paper and yellow birch, and bigtooth aspen are in abundance. The ample sun and ground water allows a full range of shrubs, ferns, and wildflowers, such as lady slippers and red baneberries. 160 different species of plants have been identified here.

Eleanor L. Cambpell ensured the protection of these acres when she gave the 21 acres on Polly Cove to Maine Coast Heritage Trust in 1993, who subsequently transferred the property to VLT. She conveyed the 11 acre Bathing Pool parcel to VLT in 2001.